That’s really amazing, as you see in the image, scientists have thank God come up with a new treatment in which they created a virus to not hurt us, God forbid, rather to consume cancer cells.


Everything teaches us something, in the messianic age there will be no illnesses, and the Rebbe says that Doctors will use their medicinal knowledge on how to make us even healthier.


There is a beautiful story of the Rebbe, in which he told a doctor – something he often tried to impress to them – to make people healthier, not only treat diseases. “Are you telling me to improve God’s handiwork” the doctor asked incredulously. “Yes” the Rebbe replied; “When God made the world, it states that he created it in a way that there are parts of it that he left for us to fix up.”


So perhaps the lesson is that, yes, God wants you and me, to find those avenues where we can use social media, technology, the internet to improve his world!

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