We are divinity What is the divine – the greatest mystery ever What is a soul – the greatest mystery ever Who is the divine – goodness kindness mercy compassion The Baal Shem Tov teaches, a son mirrors his father (brah c’arah d’avoihee) just as God is compassionate so to are his children – you – compassionate Just as God is kind so to are his children – you – kind Just as God performs acts of goodness and kindness – similarly do you! For you are divinity

 Freedom where art thou the soul seeks Movies TV Sex Drugs Rock N Roll After rejecting the mirages glitz and hype Freedom where art thou the soul seeks I am you, Freedom replies Your essence is me

  The worst part of being a believer is having expectations dashed.   If God truly loved me he would grant me my desires…   Of course if one doesn’t believe, then there are no expectations dashed, nor hopes fulfilled.   So the answer is very simple, as the Baal Shem Tov taught, pray that God should give you what he knows is best for you.

The story is told about Rabbi Gurkov who is a Shaliach of the Rebbe, around New York, that he once needed $40,000.00 to finish building a Mikvah.   He needed it tomorrow.   Being a great scholar of Jewish mysticism he knew he had to act as well.   “God will bless you in all you do” the verse states, indicating that though it is God’s blessing that is paramount, human action, also is important; for it is the vessel within the rain from heaven gets aggregated in.   So he banged on the table.   There are three worlds, the world of thought, the world of speech, and the world of action.   This world is primarily the world of action.   Our thoughts and speech are only preludes to giving.   Yet our thoughts – as preludes – of course are the determining factor of our actions.   Which is more important then?   For three years theschoolofShaamaiand Hillel debated this conundrum.   Is study or performance of good deeds more important, and after three years of analyzing all the Judaic texts and insights up to that point they concluded, study is more important, for it leads to action.   So action without direction can be calamitous, hence study is more important, but is not the end, rather the noble ennobling of noble actions.   In our own lives, often there is a dichotomy between our noble intentions and our noble actions – while one may have absolute selflessness, the other may be wholly selfish.   And this is the lesson Rabbi Gurkov / Jewish mysticism teaches, immediately attach your intent with an action.   If you intend to give millions to charity, give one dollar now; if you intend to study the entire Talmud study one line Read more…

    Lisa Aiken came to my synagogue In Plettenberg Bay and shared the following parable; a little girl and her friend on an, a tropical island, as a cruise liner is seen in the horizon; the little girl says to her friend “when the ship comes by, I will wave my hand and the captain will hoot the horn.”   “Don’t be in a fantasy world” her friend replied.   “Just you watch” said her friend with a light hint of indignation.   Sure enough as the cruise ship came into full view the little girl waved and the captain hooted the horn.   That’s amazing, how did he even know you are here, asked the friend.   He’s my father!   “Yes if your father is infinite, he both is aware and waiting for you to pick up the phone.”   Through dedicating goodness and kindness, Torah and Mitzvos WE WILL BRING MOSHAICH NOW

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