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The founder of Chabad Chassidus, Jewish mysticism for the laymen, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi once said, “the Moshiach everyone is waiting for isn’t coming and the Moshiach that is coming no one is waiting for.”

In other words, the classic view on Moshiach was similar to the story of a great sage who came to the house of a simple innkeeper and getting up in middle of the night as sages were want to, cried for the rebuilding of the third temple. Whereupon his host, concerned that his guest was crying, came to his room and enquired if the food or bed was not good? Realizing that this man didn’t understand lofty spiritual concepts, he told him “you know the problems we have from the Cossacks, Moshiach will come and take us to Israel and we will not have any more Cossacks problems.” Excited, he hurried to tell his wife and he came back a few minutes later shamefacedly and told the Rabbi “my wife suggests that it would be better if the Cossacks were taken to Israel.”

Moshiach isn’t coming to release us from problems, thank-God with the fall of communism we have been released from anti-Jewish western sentiments (and the Arab persecution will obviously end soon as well) The Moshiach who is coming, is in the words of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and the main point he drove home over and over again in a thousand talks in the most inspirational of his talks during the last four years of his teachings, is a revelation of the essence of God.

Now that too seems quite fanciful but ironically it is exceptionally normal.

For fanciful notions, grand spiritual bliss is not the revelation of God rather the light of God, the essence of God is the unique ability of the highest and lowest to unite.

The one thing we know about God is that he is unlimited and the nature of something unlimited is that He is even unlimited by the limitation of being unlimited.

In other words, if A is A, then it is not B, nor is B A, however if something can be everything and anything simultaneously, then all is it, though we perceive ourselves to be ourselves.

Locked into our own perception we fail to appreciate true infinity – namely that which truly has no limitations, even the limitations of no limitations.

Practically speaking an incredible phenomena is sweeping mankind and that is that people report that God is communicating to them.

How; quite simply as in the following example where Michael Bloch a normal accountant reports that once in while he gets a message; an idea he thought not of, e.g. take the camera to work, said in his voice, yet not from his idea, for he cannot conceive of why this should happen, for he needs not the camera, but unexpectedly it turns out that he does, need, the camera.

This is the essence of God, similar to how the Bible teaches that when God came to speak to Elijah the prophet, neither the preceding thunder or fire or earthquake was God, but a still small voice, for the uniqueness of God as opposed to how many religions picture God is not in the grand, for even the grand is only a greater version of something finite, rather it is in the unique Godly ability to unite opposing streams; as our sages state, that in the era of Moshiach, God will cause one wind, to blow both north and south, helping out two ships, needing to go in two different directions.

In fact, scientists report that in many scientific labs we can see one thing in two places, again the same thing exists in two places, for the Creator is not limited that two things need to be created, to be in two places, as he is truly infinite, he can create one thing in different locations.

And this my dear reader is the Moshiach that is coming, namely an understanding of true infinity, that all is God appearing as other things, yet all is one, which is also a scientific fact as e=mc2 (matter is all a singular energy).

But more importantly then this amazing notion, is the unity God and man are entering into, for hitherto God was as inaccessible as heaven and heaven has come to earth, in that when you – if you are fortunate enough based on if you are interested enough – hear that voice advising you of the most mundane and also spiritual guidance, you have entered into the messianic state, which is the combination of the highest, God’s essence, entering the lowest, us.

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