Daily Archives: July 27, 2011

There are two forces one which eliminates the other love and anger

Hence the method to remove evil is to remove anger which is done by transforming the emotion through introducing the emotional state of goodness through contemplating on the good in your life or through contemplating on the good in others

The Bottom Line

There are three energies man can be consumed by or more accurately depending on the energy can consume man

The first is goodness our natural state

The second is selfishness our worried state

The third is evil our angry state

The quickest route to discovering God’s lessons in your life is to appoint a spiritual mentor versed in Judaism and Jewish mysticism (you can usually find one on www.askmoses.org) for according to the Kabbalah God will transmit his growth messages for you through him

The new direction

The new direction is twofold: a realization that all including us is God – for leis assar panoi miniae everywhere the true existence of everything is God, it is only that that existence is not visible and we usually base our reality on what we see


2. Happiness is in purpose and our sole purpose is to spiritually learn the life lessons God is always communicating to us

History is created by those who know how to change directions

Life: The only thing to remember is the past so you don’t repeat it