O.K. O.K. I get it, Moshiach is really coming!

As I have mentioned a few times on this blog, Rabbi Kadoire predicted two weeks BEFORE Hurricane Katrina and said many strange weather patters will occur heralding in the Moshiach. We also explained the mystical significance of hamtakas hadinim which we will not go into now.

But just the figures are beyond belief.

From Hurricane Katrina, meteorologist reported the shear amount of hurricanes in the oceans that never were witnessed before.


The recent hurricane in the Midwest was the largest in history there.

The floods overflowing rivers in the Mississippi as well as in Australia were the largest IN HISTORY.

Currently the heat wave plaguing America is THE LARGEST IN HISTORY

Get ready for the Tzaddikim, righteous saints of the Jewish people who will arise first and usher in the messianic redemption to pop into the main synagogue of the world, 770 Eastern Parkway, headquarters of Chabad Lubavitch the Jewish heart.


Life for me was quite confusing, like a blind man groping in the darkness, trying to find what he is looking for, bumping here, tripping there, until I bought a Garmen God Positioning System.

Here is how it works, surrounding planet earth is God (who is obviously also the very fabric of creation but that’s for another article) and hence God sees, through satellite technology, me and everything else. Now instead of bumping into the contours of confusion, getting stuck in the mires of fantasy, illusions and delusions; getting trapped in instinctual non-fulfilling pleasures I have turned on the G.P.S.!

In other articles we wrote how to turn on the G.P.S. but the point of this article is that the difference between driving with a G.P.S and without one are obvious to all, particularly considering the difference between a G.P.S. and no directions in the first place.


The whole truth

  • Man is limited by the time factor so at most he can conceptualize what he wants but it will never take place as quickly as he desires it

  • God created the time factor to allow finite beings to exist.

  • Within this time factor intelligent beings were created namely humans.

  • These beings would desire narcissistic aims, sex, drugs etc. only to see their meaninglessness upon achieving these fantasies.

  • After searching for truth they would find the truth God revealed through Jewish writings mainly Chassidus, the soul of the Bible.

  • After trying out the recipes of these truth namely the awareness that our souls are really God (and we are really our souls) and as God is one hence we are all united and furthermore we are all God’s diplomats to act like He would, namely with compassion, love, mercy and kindness to all, hence man is given the privilege of creating the world God desires to call home.