What is the purpose of man


Man’s purpose is to fulfill God’s will; in other words, we can just be animals fulfilling our instinctual desires until we find they are not fulfiling anymore or we can truly beat our instincts and dedicate our lives to God and God has sent us – as in every generation – a scholar of incredible saintliness with prophetic wisdom (in fact Rabbi Schneersohn accurately publicly predicted the fall of the communist empire, the success of the gulf war and predicting twelve years before hand the next one and countless other miracles that only someone connected intimately with God could know in advance) hence it is our privilege and responsibility to heed his current call, as the Torah teaches us You should listen to the prophet in your generation and his current call is that each and every one of us has the privilege, pleasure, honor and responsibility to hasten the coming of the Moshiach through adding in our Torah and Mitzvos (biblical studies and goodness and kindness to others.)

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