Well everyone needs a manifesto otherwise who are you?

O.K. so the Uni-bomber made one and most others don’t, but hey all eccentric intelligent people (may I include myself in that category) need one, so why should I lose out just because I need to pretend I am normal – you know just follow the herd, do what the next door neighbor does, because someone who you never met might think your are different from everyone whom you also never met.

  1. Everything is nothing and nothing is everything (manifestos need to be very poetic)

    In other words, everything has no independent existence, as Kabbalists have taught us for thousands of years and science has recently proved (in the last decade or so) that all matter literally pops in and out of existence; https://kabbalahwisdom.wordpress.com/discovering-how-the-universe-is-constantly-being-recreated/ see also What The Bleep Do We Know, where the scientists and the documentary shows how atoms literally pop in and out of existence.

    As Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi and as we can far better extrapolate today, if something is dependent on an outside source for its power then you cannot say it is a something rather all you can say is the outside source is the something and it is nothing. For example, if your power supply to your home is dependent on electricity coming from a power plant, is the power you receive something or wouldn’t it cease to exist if the independent power producer (as opposed to the supply) shut down.

    So if we are constantly popping in and out of existence (but like an olden day movie the frames are happening too quickly for us to see it) therefore we and everything we see are nothing and the power supply commonly called God is everything, hence, Everything is nothing and nothing is everything.

  2. We are exceptionally loved by God

    Well if we are nothing then why would God love us, for God loves us not as a person seeking acquisitions rather as a mother loves her baby – why does mother a. love baby a., more than stranger baby b., because it is her outside of herself and she is very proud, loving and intimately one with it.

    Though we may not see our source, our creator God, nonetheless he sees us.


The Program Of The Universe



The Program Of The UniverseImagine a computer programmer, he begins with the concept, perhaps he is designing Microsoft Word so the end result is foremost in his mind, but then he must break up the program into individual steps; perhaps he needs to design the platform, then the individual buttons, test the final product, release it to the users and then finally collect the payout, for people now are buying his product.


Similarly, God’s ultimate fantasy is the messianic age when all people plants trees animals and even inanimate water stones etc. will jointly unite, One World Under God, but for that to happen in the right way it necessitated human interaction, for it is easy to manifest a computer game that no one will play which will be perfect in the vision of the Creator, but to manifest a game that everyone will enjoy, takes the million upon millions of steps that have led to our present reality where the pursuit of the world is to find the inner truth behind the physical apparatus we are living in.


The truth is that everything but everything is designed, the first Jewish commandment is belief in God which entails that everything is designed by and executed by God, though God gives us the freedom to recognize this fact or not.

Stemming from this are seven principles that lead one to happiness:

a. As God is good, everything that happens is for the good, whether a spiritual or material benefit.

b. It is impossible to understand everything, for the design is taking place outside of our realm, like a parent telling a child what to do, hence the child can only listen, but never understand all of the parent’s motives.

c. Everything that happens is part of the universal plan leading towards the messianic era which is the entire purpose of creation.

d. Although we are not independently significant rather dependently significant, we are most significant, in other words, if God is the designer and manifesting reality he does so not out of need, rather out of choice, which means God chooses both you and me and everyone we see.

e. Life is a battle between our selfish and selfless side, our desire for instant gratification and our nobler desires such as peace unity harmony helping goodness and kindness.

f. God is good for we are all the gracious recipients of millions of blessings from our hands, feet, eyes, good weather, ability to have children, as Adam stated, Thank you God for creating a person in my likeness, to millions of other day to day benefits we fail to appreciate as they are “natural.”

g. The advice God gives us in the Bible etc. is for our benefit, in other words, to enable us to bring about the messianic era but there is not intrinsic need that he has from our goodness (as he is the independent Creator much like a person making a video game couldn’t really need anything from the figures within the game.)