How to untrap ourselves

How to untrap ourselves

Are you trapped? Are you free? Do you think you are free? What if you are free but you lock yourself in a prison? Are you still free or are you then trapped? What if you are a masochist and enjoy God forbid maiming yourself, are you still free; are you trapped in craziness?


Anything that is of benefit to us is freedom, anything that is deleterious to our body and soul is being trapped.


This article makes a simple premise and that is, all paradigms are traps, for if you are stuck in a paradigm then you are trapped. So even freedom can be a trap – for example, if you are unwilling to listen to someone’s advice that can help you, claiming to be free, individualistic, you are actually trapped by the notion of freedom as many teenagers are.


True freedom is the ability to do what is in your benefit irrespective of your own and certainly cultural traps.


True freedom is to quite simple always do the correct thing which means both being healthy as well as serving humanity which is freedom for our inner goodness, our soul.


The problem is that even religion is a trap if not addressed correctly.


Religion is ostensibly a set of rules.


Ahah! this is where Judaism is not a religion but rather a freedom paradigm, for in Judaism we do not believe there is a God who enjoys say roast-chicken or lamb-on-a-spit and hence one simply subjugates one’s own needs and hands over the chicken or lamb to god which many faiths certainly pagans do – rather we say that the truth is that there is an inner reason, a soul Nishmahsah Ditorah / the Kabbalah and Chassidus, that reveals WHY God requests certain things and it all boils down to self refinement.


In other words, God desires to unite with us, God is the ultimate good, the ultimate compassion, the ultimate sensitivity to others feelings joy and pains, and he too desires for us to become like him.


All the Mitzvos good deeds of the Bible are not paradigms rather STEPPING STONES.


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