How do you know if God is talking to you?

The Lubavitcher Rebbe teaches that God is always talking much like a radio has many channels and one of the channels is God, the key to be able to listen is to, change channels.


Practically speaking, many people report as my friend Michael Bloch did, and I have heard from gentiles as well and I believe this is almost standard in children today (who souls are very very high as they are the reincarnation of the children who left Egypt whom were the first to feel, know and believe in God) that a message in his own voice, however not his own thought, will come to him – like as he is leaving work “Take the camera,” now he doesn’t know why he should take the camera, yet it turns out that he needs it for something.


This is truly God talking, because there are three basic channels in life: channel one, is the reality / nature we have been born into; channel two would be a prophet who receives a vision of sorts and channel three which is the essence of God who has no limitation whatsoever and hence needs not remove himself from his world to communicate, rather his communication is within this world but relevant to it – so we are not leaving planet earth, rather God is revealing himself within it to us – hence it is the essence of God.


And now your Yetzer Hara (little angel to distract us from good) challenges us, but isn’t that crazy, don’t delusional people get messages.


And hence in the words of an expert on delusion, my friend Dr. Michael Slutzkin, delusional people get delusions that are useless, such as one friend of mine who suffers from schizophrenia got a voice telling him that if he would jog for 25 miles the schizophrenia would leave him; which he did the jog but the scizfronia didn’t; (hence their delusions – as recognizable in A Beautiful Mind movie – are narcissistic i.e. self-serving coming from a part of themselves that is trying to help them yet not within reality, while most people have reality as the framework of their thinking patterns and hence wouldn’t think that way) so when a voice, message, guidance tells you something practical that you didn’t conceive, that is God.

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