Thank You God

We must show our gratitude to God for stopping the flotillas which are aimed at crude anti-Semitic propaganda, the introduction of more weapons to the tyrannical terrorists who run Gaza and last but not least that brutally injured Jewish soldiers protecting Israel.


It is about time the anti-Semites of the world including radical leftists and even some misguided Jews (have they forgotten that Hitler also killed leftists) are shamed by the public blockade from many western countries in this case Greece.


We are certainly entering the messianic time “when the bad people will hide in caves” i.e. no space, refuge, solace and cheerleading will be done for anti-Semitism.


The seesaw

My grandfather Rabbi Yosef Wineberg once needed an urgent answer from Rabbi Schneersohn the Lubavitcher Rebbe and thinking that his secretary Rabbi Groner was inside the Rebbe’s room he slipped a note under the door.


Upon receiving an answer and realizing that the Rebbe himself had bent down to retrieve the note he wrote an apology letter.


The Rebbe replied “Is this not my entire purpose, to uplift people.”


In life we like to receive attention for we are in a seesaw of life. As children we felt inadequate and hence we enjoy receiving attention from others as this boosts our self image.


We would do well to remember two things a. everyone else also desires to be uplifted through positive attention and b. everyone will never forgive being denigrated, humiliated, put down and shamed.