The uniqueness of people, of course, is identity, animals do not know who they are, nor do they care, they live completely an instinctual life, as Einstein writes, rigidly programmed by the instincts which is why they are all the same in their own subcategories. People on the other hand develop an identity – “who am I” is the subconscious question a child asks himself and the answer is similar to the parent, particularly men imitate men and girls imitate girls. Bu then there is a far deeper question we must ask ourselves as adults and that is not whom am I, but do I really exist? The answer to that question is the answer to everything, for reality can quite succinctly be summed up into two categories, absolute existence and perceptual existence, the absolute truth is ein oid, there is no other existence besides the life of the Creator from which all life emanates out of; (unlike sunlight that can be said to exist outside the sun, the Creator never left his creation, rather hides and allows creation to perceive other realities, similar to if the sun was infinite but merely appeared in one location and allowed people to perceive its light on planet earth – so as the Kabbalists describe it, the Creator created a figurative black hole within himself in which he is not apparent and then radiated a diminished infinite ray of light which is the matter and energy we see and feel and hence we both live within perceptual reality and absolute reality at the same time.) The second reality is experiential reality, reality that we see, taste, hear, touch namely experience, and as we are born dumb, we create a dogma of what is true or not based on our experiences; similarly we create Read more…

  The truth is that the car is never more than the direction it takes.   A person too is no more than the direction s/he goes in.   There are four possible directions people go in:   Liver: Recognition, Fame, Publicity related to tyranny, dictatorship, anti-Semitism (putting others down)   Heart: Pleasure, related to the western ideal of a good comfortable pleasure-seeking life   Mind: Discovering the truth   God: The truth, namely goodness and kindness related to subjugating the liver and heart in favor of God and the mind – no easy task

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