Why women are God



Who is God, ironically as a Rabbi once told an atheist “the God you don’t believe in, I don’t believe in either,” similarly we have no perception, conception, understanding of God.


Kabbalah teaches us God is infinite, now infinity as well, is not God, for the infinity that we conceive of, is similar to the God that you don’t believe in I don’t believe in either.


There are three basic levels to reality and when we finish reading these three levels we will understand why God is woman.


Level number one, nature: reality that is defined, limited, programmed, structured, repetitive (as Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov said, the first time we see a phenomena in nature we call it a miracle, the second time we call it nature; so it is no less miraculous then the first time, but its structure and repetition give it the term nature.)


The second is miracles: from someone suddenly having their cancer gone, to countless other miracles both big and small that people witness, history records and saints provide continually, miracles are changing, restructuring, temporarily altering the laws and are hence a glimpse into a higher being, capable of this.


But then there is a third paradigm which in its absolute simplicity towers above the other two and that is miraculous nature or as we call it serendipity or as we call it Hashgachah Pratis / Divine Providence, a hidden hand that does not change nature, rather moves it in a format according to his will, one in which neither the nature is broken nor the beneficiary yet something unexpected, something supernatural occurred all within the very reality we exist.


Men have a predilection to making miracles; vast changes – or at least they wish they could – as Jerry Seinfeld jokes, a boy reading comic books is not in fantasy-land, he is merely looking at his options.



Women on the other hand mature quicker than boys (which is why a girl has her Bas Mitzvah, coming of age and hence responsibility to keep the Mitzvos at age 12 while a boy at thirteen) and God has endowed them with the superior intelligence to see God within, not beyond, reality.


In their unassuming way the manner in which they fulfill God’s directives to bring forth life, to care – nurture – protect – love and educate, I can only reaffirm the Kabbalah’s teaching that the soul level of a woman namely Malchus is the essence of the Divine.


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