Imagine God told you “I want you to take your son, your only son, the son whom you love… and slaughter him.”



Would you do it?


I don’t think so?




Simple, obviously God has made a mistake, we are the good guys, we are the people who don’t believe in murder.


Now, imagine this God comes to you and says “there is a nation called… I want you to go and kill every member of that nation, man woman and child including the sheep and cattle”?


Would you do it?


I don’t think so?


Could a good God really mean to murder every man woman and child and what have the sheep and cattle done wrong.


If so why did Abraham sacrifice – well almost – his son, stopped in the nick of time by an angel.


Why did the prophet Samuel – who by all estimations was noble and a kindhearted guy – take a sword a split King Agag the king of the Amelakites in half.


The answer is exceptionally simple yet exceptionally hard to do which is why they were Abraham and Samuel and we are Tom Dicks and Harrys, they understood that man has limited knowledge, they understood that God has unconditional love; so if God with his unlimited knowledge and unconditional love says to murder, then by all means the loving, good thing to do is murder.


In fact we do this all the time.


Lets say a doctor told you that you need to God-forbid amputate your arm otherwise septicemia will creep in and God-forbid kill you, would you amputate your arm?


Because you believe both in the doctors superior knowledge and in his compassion.


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