How you are really God



Who are you? At the most you can say a composite of life and a physical structure where your heart beats, you think, feel etc.


Now life is the great intangible and obviously must come from a source of life, namely God.


Life mimics its Creator, both being alive yet unknowable, indefinable; hence it is in truth a genuine part of the Creator in a physical body, like a candle whose flame comes from an invisible source, so the flame is in truth the source, not separate, though you may not see the source.


A candle also has a body, the wax and wick, that the source / flame / soul is attached to but on a scientific level that too is God.


Your body is made up of more atoms than there are stars in the universe, every atom is God for the atom too has a body and soul, the body is the physical we see, but the soul is what we can deem E=MC that matter is energy which really is God concealed.


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