How we define success is whether we will achieve it



Gary Kumzick is a life coach but unlike others he told me “if I ever help someone make six figures again I will pluck my eye out.” He realized that success in life is not money.


We live in a society that is the grandchild of Rome, where success was defined by prestige, hence money = success.


We need to redefine success.


The truly courageous successful man is not one who has prestige fame and fortune, for what if that fame or fortune was ill-gotten gains; by the media’s obsession with the mafia we may take it for granted that the key in our western heritage is not how you get your gains but if you have them or not.


Can we really call someone who murdered and stole and hence has prestige and money a success case?


That person is a murderer and a thief and belongs in jail for eternity or capital punishment if you believe in it.


Our sages teach us “Who is a courageous powerful man one whom conquers his own selfish instincts.”


What is easier to conquer, one’s baser instincts or to build a company which is the desire of your instincts.


Success is not what you have gained but achieved through toil and the greatest toil, the hardest achievement, is self control to do the good thing.

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