How to achieve beyond the mind into the Godly mind



We can never sit back relax and enjoy for that is an oxymoron rather through engaging sharing fixing and effort do we feel satisfied that our lives are meaningful.

Does our mind reveal or conceal


Ostensibly our minds reveal to us reality, but in truth the mind under orders from the emotions (this I like this I don’t) conceals more than it reveals.
For example, say I am going to make a proposal to a company to invest in my product, does my mind reveal or conceal?


The Bible the source for everything (as God peered into it as a person looks into blueprints to create the world) says “Even the eyes (the vision) of the wise is tainted by bribes.” In other words we are dealing with genuine wisdom, people who are Jewish judges and as such were at the height of righteousness, the height of intellect (for from a thousand students only one would become a judge) nonetheless these people do not lie willingly, rather their very logic presents itself in favor of a litigant who has bribed them.


So do our minds reveal or conceal, the answer is our minds can only be objective if there is no inherent bias.


For this reason God put us through three thousand years of interaction with the nations of the world, so instead of thinking that we have been conned, done in by God’s restraints while others without them are living the life of freedom and pleasure, God allowed us to imitate and hence regurgitate the notions customs and beliefs of the nations of the world, for once a person senses that, not only does it not make me happy but it simply is not a higher calling, then one is in the state of mind to search for the truth.


For this reason in our generation the ultimate merger of God and man shall and has taken place (shall in the messianic era for all and has for many already.)


Through a complete honest unbiased search for the truth one arrives at the truth and without needing it nor needing to reject it, one is in the position to allow divinity to be their sole concept, reality, model and calling.


Ultimately our mission is to realize the simple truth that our minds are limited and hence only through the unconditional love and more importantly wisdom of God can we become the good people we intrinsically are, unbefuddled by our emotions and rationalizations, desires, instincts and mass delusions of culture, society, fads, trends, and fashion’s dictates.

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