What is happening?



What is happening.. the world we live in seems so very confusing but in truth it has never been better if you understand the direction it is in.


You see, imagine momentarily your train goes in a tunnel, can anything be darker – scarier – more disconcerting as losing your bearing and not knowing where you are going? Yet suddenly you come out and appreciate the world you lived in before, failing to see its comfort, failing to see the hand of God ever protecting us.


Similarly, the world we have come from was the problem and the world we are gong to is the solution. Yet like the old adage “better the devil you know,” it is exceptionally disconcerting to be in a state of flux, unknowingness, when all the security blankets, premises, ideas, structures of society are collapsing like a deck of cards.


But what is the destination? What is the tunnel we are in? And what and when will we see the light?


The destination is reality, which is that each and everything that occurs is done by your loving father in heaven to bring you to a close embrace whereby you and Him will become one.


Now in order to get there, you need to lose the perception of yourself which of course is very scary; in fact this is precisely what occurs to the body after death; it suddenly realizes that its home, security, reality, premise was wrong; it is not the body, for it is beyond the body, it is not bound in its consciousness it is actually the consciousness that the body had; as the body disintegrates, eaten by the lowly worms, the soul feels intense pain – how can you destroy my home? Can you willing destroy my security blanket? To take away everything I know is me?!!! And precisely this disintegration is the redemption, for now no longer are you bound by this cage, this perception of physical reality, you are truly free (as those returning from out-of-body experiences report and I have personally heard,) now you are aware that you are spiritual – you are both part of and beyond the world, you are one with God but completely dependent on him, you submit not to your ego, instincts, fantasies, but to truth to what is real, not what is fake.

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