People, myself included, always thought that the messianic revelation was an outside deal. You know, like going out of Egypt, major miracles, thunder, lighting, a messiah like figure striding in on a donkey or clouds etc. etc. But having researched the issue I have concluded that the messianic process is actually an inside deal. The whole reason this world exists, is so man under free choice, namely in the very agnostic space of the world we live, in a world that reveals not its master, hides the Creator and obscures truth, we should find through seeking, and hence be passionate about the truth, namely that all is God and our souls are God and our heart’s and God’s is the same. For this to happen a unique experiment – if we can call it that – was undertaken by God. “What if I put beautiful souls in darkness, will they seek light, or will they be content to live in it, accustom themselves and become complacent?” Of course God knew what he was doing, most of the western world today seeks the meaning in life more than any other preoccupation, the numbers of people who are born again, new-age, are in the hundreds of millions and within the Jewish world millions of Jews are seeking God, spirituality, their heritage, and hundreds of thousands have made difficult life altering decisions to become religious despite a hostile liberal world where all people turning to spirituality / God are faced with ridicule (the most difficult test a man can face.) Hence both are true, the messianic revelation shall incorporate fireworks but that is only the culmination of the revelation, not its beginning, like in the Egyptian redemption; rather the revelation of God is the choice that you have already made (certainly if you are reading my articles) to embrace higher values, a nobler cause, than simply live the instinctual materialistic based life that you can so easily do.

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