The brain is like a computer, now a computer has only two commands it understands yes or no (because there are eight digits, much like language this can be extended infinitely) your mind is always perceiving how you feel and associating if it feels pleasurable or painful and then creates a simple association between the stimulus (love or shame lets say) and the feeling. You then begin to love or fear the stimulus. By telling your mind consciously (not allowing it to figure out subconsciously) what will feel good or bad you rewire your operating system.


What you can give

What you can give


The way God made the world we all have something to give but often we think we can only take


Husband Love Money Security Martial Intimacy Compliments
Wife Love Respect Marital Intimacy Compliments Encouragement
Father Love Joy Moral Guidance (primarily through demonstrating it) Money Security
Mother Love Security Moral Guidance (primarily through demonstrating it) Structure
Children Respect – When Appropriate Support  Parents – Do not openly contradict or defy them – Communicate with them,
Siblings Love – Support – Assist
People When coming in contact: Love – Give Charity but not waiting for people to come to you rather either figuring out who needs and go to them or create your own charitable foundation supporting causes and preferably both – Never Disrespect or Shame as Hillel said That which is despicable to you do not do to another



The future

  I was discussing with a friend of mine the best investments and I said that my understanding was gold.

Now the truth is what I know, is from what I have heard from experts and observed over the years from 300 to 1,496 (154% higher from five years ago) and considering the reasons is that all invest in it when they fear, hence it certainly seems to me the best investment.

But after all he’s the businessman, I am the scholar and after thinking about it a few days he came back to me and said “The best investment is truth.”

In other words, many people don’t care anymore about investments – money is made by people who are obsessed/find it to enhance their prestige – however the new generation is beyond the need for money-prestige.  In fact studies show that the main benefit youngster want to get from work is ability to change the world and they still have the common irrational exuberance or shall we call it reverence for the work environment.