Want do women want is the famous question that has plagued men for centuries: I asked my sister “do you understand men?” Well it seems so obvious, men don’t understand women and women don’t understand men. However using the wisdom of both the creator of man and woman namely God in his Kabbalah I shall answer what it is that women want Women want five fundamental things: security, friendship, elevation, a father for their children and like men, sex. I think the only way a man can understand this is, think about what you would like from your boss.

1. Man’s Mission In Life Generally speaking the job [or work] of man on earth is as the Sages state: “I am created to work for G-d.” And also to cause that every created being in the world should also “work for their Creator.” 2. General and Specific Missions There are two aspects to this and this is hinted at in the two names of the Parshah [Torah Portion of that week’s talk]: Vayakel and Pikudei. “Vayakel” [which means to gather together teaches] – that one should reveal in all created beings in this world their general mission which is to “work for their Creator,” (transcending the details of the mission). And through this one causes unity in every being in the world – [for they all have a unified goal.] And how much more does it cause a unity to the Jewish people through the Mitzvah and ideal of Ahavas Yisroel [love for a fellow Jew] and Achdus Yisroel [unity of] the Jewish people. [In other words we need to see what unites us – namely our sameness in making the world a better place.] “Pikudei” [which means specific laws] – (so after the general service to unite the varied beings / creations – then a person) reveals within everyone and everything what is unique in their being [i.e. their unique purpose] in how they work for G-d. 3. Reveal the general unity in creation There is totality in just the service of Vayakel – to reveal the general unity in creation and within the Jewish people, as mentioned. 4. Every Jew must unite with a fellow Jew Half a shekel indicates the work to unite the Jewish people. And therefore we are emphasizing that when a Jew is alone [for himself] he is but a half and in Read more…

10 step guide to attaining positive wealth So you’d like to make money? How much?  Will you be happy with a million? If you have a million will you be happy, or will you want two? Well how about if you get two million, will you be happy with two or wouldn’t you rather get four now. A Readers Digest article quoted a study that people making $25.000.00, $50.000.00 and $75.000.00 were all asked “how much more money do you need to be happy,” well they all said $25.000.00. So it seems to be happy you need another $25.000.00, no matter how many of them you already have. The truth is there is nothing wrong with having money. Money can be a very good thing in that, firstly it buys peace of mind, [money that creates distress obviously is counterproductive,] secondly it allows you to do good. As religious Jews would say to “glorify” the Mitzvos / commandments. I.e. you could spend more money on your children spiritual education, you could buy more spiritual books etc. And lastly money enables you to do the ultimate good – helping out those who need it. On the other hand the sages teach that “he who desires money is never satisfied by it” for as they state that “everyone always desires to double the amount they already have.” [How many rich people stop trying to make more?] So money can be a great curse – I humbly posit that it all depends who is leading whom. If you lead the dog, it can be quite a nice excursion, but if the dog is dragging you then it can be rather unpleasant. Another way of looking at it – coming from Rabbi Menachem Schneersohn the greatest Jewish leader in modern times is – “are Read more…

For any whom may think democracy and religion are not consistent, need we go further than the founders of the American democracy whom were very very religious people. The people escaping the persecution – religious persecution of the Church of England – made democracy precisely to safeguard the populace from tyranny of institutionalized religion. In other words, they were not seeking the obliteration of religion, rather its ability to be free and coming from the individual’s persuasion, instead of being dictated from the Crown (whose genesis of the Church of England was so one king could marry someone without having to murder the previou queens, namely Henry the Eight.) So democracy is in fact the foundation of religion, for a true religion need not be “The Sword, or Allah” rather one that men decided, that it is true. In fact any religion based on tyranny has no foundation, for if one were to eliminate the tyranny and the masses would leave the religion, then they never accepted it in the first place. So democracy and religion are complementary. Separation of Church and State by no means is separation of God and the State. One need not look further than the American dollar in which “In God We Trust” is enshrined. The rampant abuse of separation of Church and State to mean God and State is nothing short of scandalous lawfare at its ugliest. The founding fathers as any common-sense person knows and recognizes that God is the foundation of morality and hence to remove consciousness of God is to remove conscience, which is to allow mayhem. Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn campaigned strongly for the silent prayer otherwise called “A Moment of Silence” to be reintroduced into the public school system, after prayers were eliminated due to separation of “Church and Read more…

At a Farbrengen – informal Jewish mystical meeting – a lady who had become religious and was actively religious for many years complained that there is no self-help guide on growing in Judaism. So we made up that I would put one together The idea here is that a person should have a guide leading them to the basics, into eternal growth! Know that your sole/Soul purpose in life is to work for God – In other words as the Previous Rebbe, Rabbi Josef Isaac Schneersohn said, in the olden days Jews and perhaps most people knew their mission in life was to work for God; In the modern era it became – work for your pleasures. Here is how to discover your personal mission: http://wp.me/P1wSrP-4M It is not enough to grow – we must share the above two worldviews with everyone we know

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