How To Be A Star

O.K. God never fails to amaze me as well as Yossi Banshevitz with his insights.


Here goes the latest:


We recently had the privilege of seeing a lunar eclipse here in South Africa

As I watched the earth get in the way of sunlight it made me realize that the only reason it is dark at night is due to the shadow cast by earth… hold on that didn’t make much sense because when earth casts not its shadow then the moon is bright so sunlight is going beyond us and yet we cannot see it.



Yossi and google explained to me that in truth the sky is very bright which is why astronomers have those intense sunglasses covering their face which could blind them if they look at the sun at night, for darkness is in fact light.



Only when light either faces you i.e. stars or the sun during the day or when light bounces off something else is there light.


In other words – and for all us mystics – this is amazing, the world is awash in light! Furthermore another scientific query is why cant we see the light present at the big bang and the answer again is that we can using the right tools.

















So in other words, God made a trick, which is actually how the Kabbalists explain the universe was made, in a light paradigm, namely that Gods light was/is everywhere then God created a universe in which the creatures (not the Creator rather the created) could not see this light and it would be up to use to shine forth through channeling our own Divinity through our understanding of our own Divinity (your Soul is the primordial Divine light) and following the Divine, giving us the unique opportunity to be stars, shining brightly in an otherwise dark universe.


Are we Centred

Imagine spokes of a wheel – if not connected to their center, they are at best random and worst highly destructive – they can, God forbid, poke someone.




Similarly everything we do as spiritual people must be founded in this singular purpose and then everything we do is like positive spokes creating a circle of love, friendship, harmony and unity.




Man’s only purpose in life is to reimagine his purpose in life.




Namely, instead of seeing ourselves as higher form of Darwinian apes, we must understand we are Divinity – your soul in a body! As such it is our mission to discover what the Divine asks of us through studying his wisdom and primarily through adhering to the spiritual leader of our generation Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn (www.chabad.org).




The first premise must be one of who we are and the foundation, namely we are emissaries, ambassadors of God, as well as the information, communication and advice of God.




If we become our own masters, then like spokes of a wheel not centered we a) will be flying in all directions b) can possibly harm others through our spirituality.