Understanding the delusions of grandeur that cuase anti-semitsim

If we had to put a scientific equation to antisemitism it would be quite simply this, delusions of grandeur=antisemitism


Those who for whatever reason delude themselves into believeing they are a super race – case in point Arabs whom from a historical point of view due to their religion always trodded on the dhimis second class Jewish citizens, Nazis whom from their Germanic (descendents of Amalek) point of view were just superior  down to delusional professors (commonly called left-wing elitists including Jews) as well as what is often seen in Chavez, Ahmidinijab type politicians whose positions of power delude them, cannot stand the innate tranquility happiness of good people which is why antisemitism today is just as much if not more anti-Americanism for one cannot be against a race rather against the principles of love goodness and kindness which imbue happiness tranquility and joy in their participants hence causing jealous murderous rage aka Hitler etc. (ever see Hitler smile).

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