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Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, Christianity, Islam, Judaism and the Messiah

I was thinking, how absolutely fascinating that the two epic trilogies of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings which have certainly entered into the consciousness of mankind have themes so closely related to the messianic redemption.


Most notably, I was contemplating how Gandalf is resurrected, an act never seen in any movie which is so bizarre, so radical, that even amongst magic it simply creates a new paradigm.


So I turned to google to find out how Harry Potter ends and lo & behold he too is resurrected and both heroes end up bringing the messianic utopia – the end of the era of darkness/fear to an end.


We know that everything that happens since the beginning of time but particularly in the last two thousand years has a singular purpose namely the epic revelation of Godliness in the messianic era – an era where “you will not run into” rather the human consciousness will be expecting it.


In both Islam and Christianity – mega epic journeys of having the messianic consciousness enter (i.e. the paradigm) both religions believe in resurrection.


And in Judaism too though we have always been loath to concede this idea for we believe that in every generation one who through his good deeds is worthy to be the messiah will – in the God given command – bring about this era, like Moses, but there is a little known clause that the messiah may be from the dead, particularly of his generation.


And so both Gandalf and Harry Potter in fact are paradigms (as is Christianity and Islam to some extent) of what the Kabbalah teaches that the messiah will be revealed – accepted by some of the Jewish population – concealed (as Moses lost a lot of support when things got worse for the Jews, see the biblical account) and then return to be accepted by the world.

We are at the finish line – don’t let go of your baton REDEMPTION IS UPON US NOW

Doubt is you enemy, if you believe you know the truth never doubt yourself, for doubt is an emotion controlled by your Yetzer Hara (little devil within to paralyze you!)

We are all unique – our essence is God though in which we are of course one.

The Jewish sages teach: just as people look dissimilar so they are dissimilar.

We have a tendency to assume that others think, feel, sense and are as insensitive or sensitive as we are.

If God wanted we would all feel the truth through every sinew, fiber, cell and atom in our bodies, but he preferred that we should see it through our mind’s eye, in moments of reflection of wonderment and ultimately in utter astonishment, as Einstein would often say that his religion is the tiny bit of nature he comprehends of which he is in awe of.