Daily Archives: June 15, 2011

Never allow the little devil within you The Yetzer Hara to win – why allow someone joy at your downfall?!!!

Soul’liner: If you want to know how good the times are, think how bad the times were!

The Rebbe once told my grandfather who apologized for causing the Rebbe to bend over to pick up a note he put in the Rebbe’s room (thinking his secretary was there to lift it up) “Don’t worry, my entire life’s purpose is to uplift people.”

The need for ego is what destroys it.

Soul’liner: Its not what feeds our ego rather what feeds another’s in which all about goodness kindness growth humanness leading to good relationships dwells.

Are you more right or just kind

Any person movement religion culture country club society (you get the picture) that is about how they are more right than others is evil, whereas any.. that is about sharing a benefit for all men of goodwill is Divine.

Everything you have to do is only a means to what you want to do – but if you want to do what you have to do, your soul is in a prison; however if you want to do goodness and kindess and have to have a healthy happy body to do so, your soul is free.