So what is facebook, myspace, twitter etc. etc. really doing?

In every human action there is an emotional reason, love / pleasure to be gained, or fear / pain to be avoided.


The truth is the phenomenal growth of these media, point to something really very very sad and it can be quite simply summed up in another phenomenal growth, namely social gaming where tens of millions of people enter into virtual reality.


And that is the crux of the issue.


What would you rather have? A deep personal connection with someone you respect, or an informal fleeting association with someone on a gaming console?


The benefit of modern society is in fact in the ability for people to be independent, but that is also its curse.


For people want, need, and are created by God to be interdependent.


We thrive on social relationships that make us feel valued and hence the truth is, all the fake relationships, friends, buddies etc. on the social media, are simply a poor substitute for a real human need.


Perhaps in another article we will tell you how to get the real need met, in the real world, in a real way… that will truly uplift you.

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