The Tanya summarizes all of our life into three basic compartments, the highest of which is our life’s ambition, the lowest of which we hope to never descend into, the intermediate in which we are born into:

1. Goodness and kindness as described by God in the Bible/Torah

2. The basic survival instinctive mode of man, namely to seek pleasure and abstain from pain based on the human animal’s instincts, fame, comedy, pleasure, laziness and occasionally depression when things don’t go the way we want

3. Anger, resentment, harming, evil.


The Death Of Civility



The real star-wars


What is it that Nazis want, what is it that anti-Semites want, what is it that arrogant mockers on the far left want???


The death of civility


You see civility is the common language between all people


As the Talmud teaches us, “when you go to ‘Rome’ greet others as the Romans do.”


However there are many people – in fact sometimes entire cultures like the Nazis and Arabs, and delusionaly arrogant (a symptom of low self esteem) – that have unfortunately been victims of the death of civility.


The Germans basically emotionally destroyed their children as the Arabs do (like Golda Meir said, “There will be peace in Israel when the Arabs love their children more than they hate the Jews,” Which other culture educates their children to kill themselves for the sake of killing others!)


So the subconscious agenda to all these groups, anti-Semitism, anti-Americanisim (which includes the far liberal left as well,) is jealousy over the civility, the love, the respect that good people feel inwardly and hence contribute to others.


It is this jealousy that creates an implacable hatred – for the hatred of jealousy can not be placated (as its origins is not logical rather ego based).