What is the lesson for us from the middle-east

In everything one must learn a lesson on how to be a better human, certainly from an ongoing conflict of treachery, murder, malignement against the Jewish nation for the past decades, there is a fundamental lesson to be gleaned.


The bottom line is that the Arab mentality is one of fundamental kelipah/opposite of goodness for it demonstrates a complete lack of sensitivity in life.


The Arab/Yishmoel mentality is that the more you get, the more you are entitled to.


The Jewish mentality as coined by our ancestor Jacob is, the more you get the more you are in debt to God; the more humble, the more grateful you get.


What is really happening in the middle east

Players: Arabs, Jews, Right, Left


From the Arab point of view they see the Jews as offending their honor. For them they have been accustomed for over a thousand years to discriminating against infidels often burning, raping, murdering them, but ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS treating them as second class citizens.


To an Arab honor is enough to murder his own daughter as in the many common cases Islamic Expert Phyliss Chesler describes below:


“Islamic gender apartheid is also characterized by normalized daughter- and wife-battering, forced veiling, arranged marriage, child marriage, first cousin marriage, and sometimes, female genital mutilation. In addition, women are honor murdered if they resist such practices. Imagine growing up female in such a setting: You know that your family-of-origin intimates and protectors might become your executioners based on idle rumor or fact.”

I once asked a Muslim Doctor from Pakistan why the Jews were targeted for murder by Arabs, after smiling for a bit he said “Two Arab countries had a murderous war for eight years over a designated oil pipeline don’t you think they will kill Jews?”


In other words, every Muslim knows what every westerner doesn’t that the Arabs are barbarians who have no morals.


The Jews come from the highest heights of morals hence they give more rights to the Arabs in Israel than they have anywhere else in the middle east:  

Arabs in Israel have equal rights under the law
Arabs in Israel can vote for whoever they want
Arabs in Israel can worship freely
Arabs in Israel are entitled to the full same state education as all other Israelis
Arabs are members of the Israeli parliament and ministers in the government

However within the Jews there are two fundamentally opposing worldviews, the right and the left


The right believe in right, hence the term right.


As such they do not believe Muslims are entitled to murder them anymore than they are not allowed to God Forbid kill a Muslim.


The vast majority of Israelis believed the lies that Arabs wanted peace and were willing to give them peace and hence they elected Ehud Barak however after effectively they realized that giving Arabs land only is a concession for war, they elected Netanyahu in the hope that he would not give away any land and secure Israel as any country, from barbarians, terrorists, murderers, racists both within and without.


However there is a small fanatical bunch of Jews who basically hate being Jewish and they subconsciously like a Jew voting for Hitler think that this makes them kosher in the enemies eyes.


Do they really think that when terrorists murder Jews they will be selected as a friend much like the Nazis managed to “not murder the countless Jews who were war heroes in world war one and the countless German Jews who financially, morally and patriotically helped Germany become famous?”


An Open Letter To Prime Minister Netanyahu

It seems the new Arab clash point is at the borders as such it is essential to draw attention away from there, as the Arab countries will find it too tempting not to allow their people to do what Syria has done to alleviate internal pressure and the Arabs themselves enjoying the non-confrontational publicity of it will make it a cause-de-celeb.

In my opinion one must announce that this is a jihad between Arab Muslims against Judaism as Einstein said, the Nazis couldn’t be against the Jews for their race for Jews come from every race, as such one should focus the attention on Jerusalem announcing that if the Arab Muslims do not stop their crap and if any Jew gets touched we will forbid entrance to the mosques on our holy temple which is the only thing precious to them.

Why give freedom of religion to a religion that is pro-Nazi; when they can demonstrate tolerance we will demonstrate kindness, otherwise the message you are sending is that it doesn’t matter how many Jews you kill G-d forbid, we are pacifists so they have no reason to stop escalating their attacks.


You can be a super-hero

I was in Syndenham Shul ( a Jewish congregation in South Africa) and I met a young boy from a little townlett and desiring to teach him something of his faith in ten seconds I told him that we are waiting for Moshiahc and that the mitzvos /good deeds he does hastens his arrival.


“You mean I can be a super hero” he said in sincerity.