People, myself included, always thought that the messianic revelation was an outside deal. You know, like going out of Egypt, major miracles, thunder, lighting, a messiah like figure striding in on a donkey or clouds etc. etc. But having researched the issue I have concluded that the messianic process is actually an inside deal. The whole reason this world exists, is so man under free choice, namely in the very agnostic space of the world we live, in a world that reveals not its master, hides the Creator and obscures truth, we should find through seeking, and hence be passionate about the truth, namely that all is God and our souls are God and our heart’s and God’s is the same. For this to happen a unique experiment – if we can call it that – was undertaken by God. “What if I put beautiful souls in darkness, will they seek light, or will they be content to live in it, accustom themselves and become complacent?” Of course God knew what he was doing, most of the western world today seeks the meaning in life more than any other preoccupation, the numbers of people who are born again, new-age, are in the hundreds of millions and within the Jewish world millions of Jews are seeking God, spirituality, their heritage, and hundreds of thousands have made difficult life altering decisions to become religious despite a hostile liberal world where all people turning to spirituality / God are faced with ridicule (the most difficult test a man can face.) Hence both are true, the messianic revelation shall incorporate fireworks but that is only the culmination of the revelation, not its beginning, like in the Egyptian redemption; rather the revelation of God is the choice that you have already made (certainly if you are reading my articles) to embrace higher values, a nobler cause, than simply live the instinctual materialistic based life that you can so easily do.


What is happening?



What is happening.. the world we live in seems so very confusing but in truth it has never been better if you understand the direction it is in.


You see, imagine momentarily your train goes in a tunnel, can anything be darker – scarier – more disconcerting as losing your bearing and not knowing where you are going? Yet suddenly you come out and appreciate the world you lived in before, failing to see its comfort, failing to see the hand of God ever protecting us.


Similarly, the world we have come from was the problem and the world we are gong to is the solution. Yet like the old adage “better the devil you know,” it is exceptionally disconcerting to be in a state of flux, unknowingness, when all the security blankets, premises, ideas, structures of society are collapsing like a deck of cards.


But what is the destination? What is the tunnel we are in? And what and when will we see the light?


The destination is reality, which is that each and everything that occurs is done by your loving father in heaven to bring you to a close embrace whereby you and Him will become one.


Now in order to get there, you need to lose the perception of yourself which of course is very scary; in fact this is precisely what occurs to the body after death; it suddenly realizes that its home, security, reality, premise was wrong; it is not the body, for it is beyond the body, it is not bound in its consciousness it is actually the consciousness that the body had; as the body disintegrates, eaten by the lowly worms, the soul feels intense pain – how can you destroy my home? Can you willing destroy my security blanket? To take away everything I know is me?!!! And precisely this disintegration is the redemption, for now no longer are you bound by this cage, this perception of physical reality, you are truly free (as those returning from out-of-body experiences report and I have personally heard,) now you are aware that you are spiritual – you are both part of and beyond the world, you are one with God but completely dependent on him, you submit not to your ego, instincts, fantasies, but to truth to what is real, not what is fake.


It is obvious that the messianic redemption is one whereby all people will learn that evil is bad and harmony is good. However the key thing most of us don’t realize is that messianic redemption is already here, in other words the messianic redemption is when the satan the little devil within cannot confuse what our soul apprehends simply, that murder is good and that unity is not. Every child growing up knows this instinctively however when religions or nations get egotistical they desire to destroy other religions and people because it makes them feel better, higher, mightier. This is why people may unite for evil although they have little in common, similar to how people back their soccer team – this is also why men love sports more than women because men in particular get high from beating the other (which is o.k. only in sport not in real life when you can’t shake hands after “the war.”) The messianic age is here because unlike in the olden days – when our little devil could rationalize war and evil telling us that the enemy deserves it for fictitious evil that they did, but as the mind is primarily subconscious i.e. We believe – truly believe – not what is true but what we desire to be true in order to give ourselves the reason to fulfill our desires and gain the benefit of our instinct – but after witnessing two world wars the useless slaughter of close to sixty million people for no visible moral gain, it is obvious to any thinking person that good is unity, good is democracy, good is allowing others their beliefs and at the same time sharing what you believe with them to help them but allowing them the freedom to choose your beliefs, while evil is totalitarianism, evil is forcing others.


What do others want


The story is told that a person once came to the Alter Rebbe complaining bitterly over his loses to which the Alter Rebbe told him “you know what you need, but do you know what you are needed for?!”


The person spent a few weeks truly contemplating the meaning of his life and his losses were recovered.


Children Love, Security, Moral Direction, Happiness
Wife Love, Security, Moral Direction, Happiness
People Love, Security, Moral Direction, Happiness
God For us to give others Love, Seucrity, Moral Direction, Happiness



Entering into the infinite realm

Our realm is finite and hence  our understanding of what will be, even what we want, is based on finite perceptions i.e. what we have perceived as reality and what we are jealous from what others have, but we cannot perceive infinity, an unlimited elevation!, for our perception is of course finite.


By trusting in the Infinite Creator who continuously elevates humanity to new consciousness  replacing old ones (for example from authoritative monarchy to free democracy and from matealisim to spirituality etc.) we can live in the infinite realm.


The brain is like a computer, now a computer has only two commands it understands yes or no (because there are eight digits, much like language this can be extended infinitely) your mind is always perceiving how you feel and associating if it feels pleasurable or painful and then creates a simple association between the stimulus (love or shame lets say) and the feeling. You then begin to love or fear the stimulus. By telling your mind consciously (not allowing it to figure out subconsciously) what will feel good or bad you rewire your operating system.