I once read a book by one of the numerous British commissions sent by the British parliament as to what to do in Palestine while they owned it. Well the writer was one of the prestigious Brits sent to Palestine to investigate. Now the bottom line was the parliament rejected the commission because the point of these commissions is only the hope that they will give credibly to preconceived ideas and hence are rejected when they don’t. But the writer made a simple point which is true then as it is now – there will be no solution that will please Britain, Washington, Israel and the Arabs. All have mutually exclusive interests – Why is it that people look to America to solve their issues fairly? The reason for this is that people have a tendency to see the father figure as the one looking to be just. America is self-centered – despite the many good things it does – the Arabs are Nazis which is obvious – the Jews need to ensure they don’t allow another holocaust G-d forbid (which the Rebbe said will never happen but we still need to be a strong military presence so that the Arabs will be afraid to attack,) and Britain can go to hell.

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