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How do we see G-d’s manifestation? Well this is what we call Hashgachah Pratis, when something random but in your specific interest enters your life, then you have experienced G-d.

The Cloud

The Rebbe said a computer is a good paradigm / parable for God.

In general the Rebbe interprets – obviously correctly – the statement of Kabbalah that before the coming of the messiah the floodgates of wisdom of above and below will be opened and they will converge in preparation for the coming of the messiah in the Hebrew year corresponding to the year 1840; that the floodgates of wisdom of below is technology. Now the reason this is a preparation for the Messiah is it offers us paradigms / parables that elucidate clearly G-d and hence although the human is finite, he gets a glimpse into infinity and the ability to comprehend G-d.

Now what is unique about G-d and what we often mistake – and the Rebbe spoke extensively about this numerous times in the last four years of his incredible mystical teachings – is that people comprehend two realities, the physical and the spiritual, the spiritual is where they place G-d, the physical, themselves, the world etc.

However the truth is that there are three realities, namely G-d who is neither physical nor spiritual, rather G-d is the Creator both of the spiritual world and the physical.

Anything that can limit G-d is not G-d, anything that can be grasped by man is not G-d, any dimension is not infinite hence not infinite, namely the singular dimensionless infinite potential of G-d.

When do we see G-d most, in the merging of the infinite and the finite, for true infinity has no limitations not even the limitation to remain infinite nor of course the limitation to be finite rather it can bring infinite reality within finite reality.

The cloud is a perfect example of G-d

You see many companies instead of installing Microsoft products are using the Google cloud, i.e. they are software products in the internet that the person uses on his laptop.

This a perfect example for G-d, for obviously G-d is not physical, but to limit G-d to not being able to be in the physical is also a limitation.

Hence the cloud teaches us you can have a “spiritual (i.e. non corporeal”) entity that is able to manifest to each and every person individually.

How do we see G-d’s manifestation? Well this is what we call Hashgachah Pratis, when something random but in your specific interest enters your life, then you have experienced G-d.

Souliner: Freedom is slavery to a higher cuase44

God is in the Details

This morning I had an amazing revelation, it is not something I didn’t know but as Kabbalah teaches us there are many levels, as there is knowing something but you don’t sense, feel, recognize it, and then there is feeling, i.e. the thought becomes lodged in the subconscious belief.


G-d is in the detail.


What do I mean by that?


Normally we regulate G-d into Heaven, somewhere above, and while that is true that G-d is somewhere beyond us, at the same time there isn’t the feasibility of a single movement of any atom and all atoms are moving without G-d moving it, if that is the case, there is no detail that G-d is not involved in.

Souliner: The Trajectory of your life, everyone’s life, i.e. destiny; G-d desired that we should choose him

Souliner: If you watch a comedy you will laugh, if you watch a horror you will feel fear, if you watch a sad scene you will feel sad (unless you have no feelings,) similarly you are always feeling the happy vs. miserable thoughts you are thinking.

Humility is the source of everything good, namely interpersonal communal and global relations and arrogance is the source of everything bad namely interpersonal communal global strife, war, murder, extermination, jihad.

Where is God

A young scholar once approached a great Jewish master to study, “where is G-d?” asked the master. “G-d is everywhere” replied the young genius. “No, G-d is where you let him in” replied the even greater scholar to the young man.

Where is G-d, it is true to say G-d is everywhere.

Is G-d in you?

Well that depends if you let him in.