Merging the infinite into your life   G-d is infinite, we are finite. G-d can be compared to a computer that has an infinite storage capacity and consciousness to do whatever it wants to do. We can be compared to a little player in a video game whose world is set, whose speed abilities challenges are all set by the hardrive of the computer. Obviously everything desires to break free of his or her, or its, limitations. We desire to merge the infinite into our finite limitations. There is simply nothing easier if you know how. Here is how one accesses the hardrive and eliminates the limitations placed by the software installed, and recreates an infinitely good world! A. The first and foremost is that we must break out of the matrix – as long as we think we are limited (like in the movie) we become limited. B. The method to breaking out of the matrix is to have the meditation, “There is nothing besides you” – Everything is really atoms, atoms are really G-d’s energy. C. The third thing is to meditate how much goodness G-d has already done for you – think how you were formed out of a smelly putrid invisible DNA that merged with your mothers egg which miraculously in nine months created you. Furthermore your parents were supported through G-d’s blessing, enabling them to feed clothe shelter you and till this very day every morsel of food you eat, every piece of clothing you wear, wherever you sleep and whatever income you have, was given gracefully by G-d to care for you. Furthermore G-d gave us the Bible and Jewish mysticism and Jewish mystics like Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn to inspire us, to reveal our souls potential – to create unity and harmony in Read more…

When asked to explain the theory of relativity to a layperson Einstein replied, “If you sat on a hot stove for 5 minutes, it would seem like an hour. If you talked to a beautiful and charming woman for an hour it would seem like 5 minutes. Thats relativity.” In other words, nothing is true, rather it is experiential. A similar story from the great and holy, wise and knowledgably mystic, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn of Lubavitch proves this point, however even better. In the olden days a man once was traveling in his wagon through a forest. There bandits attacked his passengers – he was a wagon driver – bravely, to save his passengers he fought them off, but sustained terrible injuries of which he died from. Getting to heaven they didn’t know how to reward him. On one hand he gave his life for his passengers, on the other hand he was a simple peasant-type wagon driver. What kind of reward would the mystical secrets enjoyed in Heaven be for this man?! So they put him in a dream world and he truly believes he is there and there in the dream world he was given the finest stallions money could buy, the nicest horses, the fastest steeds, and attached to it was a wagon that emperors would kill for. And so my dear friends this man truly enjoys his reality! The matrix sort of sums up our universe! So this doesn’t mean that nothing is real. What it does mean is that what we experience is only what we experience; it simply is not real. So what is real? The only thing that we can say is real is G-d Goodness and Kindness.

Rabbi Schneersohn - The Rebbe - The Inspiration of
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