Wow! That’s really amazing! A person got a new face because his old one got seared off in an accident! And this is what he said! “This new face, it’s not who I am. The old face wasn’t either,” he added. “Who you are is inside – it’s internalized. It’s (i.e. your face is) who you show the world.”

Why? Considering that the Arabs have been trying to annihilate, exterminate, push into the sea the Jews of Israel since 1948 one must ask the question “what is the connection between the Arabic states and a tiny strip of land that was never in their possession?” (Remember between 1917-1947 it was ruled by Britain and between 1400s to 1917 by the Ottoman TURKS and it was never owned by any Arab ruler and the only continuous native populations spanning three thousand to four thousand years were the Jewish people.) Rather much like Nazi Germany their humiliation in the first world war spawned the need for redemption of honor, similarly the Muslim Arabs believe that Jews are second class citizens which is enshrined in their holy book and how they lived for thousands of years. It is no mistake that Jews and Christians may not visit Mecca. In other words, while the consciousness of western civilization has moved beyond pettiness, honor, one-upmanship; as is evident in the Arab world this consciousness has not entered, therefore all of them would love nothing more than to exterminate, push into the sea the Jews of Israel.

Imagine that! A new you every day! No more sadness, just joy! Our sages teach us that every day we should be revitalized! Not looking at today, as yesterday, which is like the day before! Rather today is the future – a new reality! The way to do this is to spend the first moments of your day counting your blessings! Here is why! You see when we don’t count our blessings, then today was like yesterday, which was like the day before! However by counting our blessings in the morning (and before we go to sleep,) we realize that today is a blessed day!

Within us we have two souls An animal soul A part of G-d – which as our mystics teach us – Etzem Cshe-atah Tofes Bimiktzoso Ateh Tofes Bikoilo, something that is indivisible when you have grasped it (i.e. even a part of it, so lets say 2+2=4,) you have grasped all of it; (in other words, even a child’s simplistic understanding of 2+2=4 is the whole essence of 2+2=4.) In life we have a third soul, the arbitrator between which two dominant personalities within us we will choose. If we choose to reveal the G-d within us i.e. become giving, kind, compassionate, loving, gentle, people, than that is who we actually become. If on the other hand we choose to allow our instincts for pleasure and fears, to dominate us, than that is who we have become.

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