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The future is always ahead of you

Its not the vessel / container / machine that counts, it is only the information stored in it that does.

Pretty cool

Coming up in the next five ten years are bendable paper-sized thin-film phones, computers, screens, you name it.

What is the lesson in our Avodas Hashem (becoming better people?)

Well following Rabbi Michoel Goldman’s article on Oros Bikeilim namely, G-d desires we should have maximum contained light in our lives, i.e. bring as much light without going out of reality; perhaps a simple idea is as follows:

Its not the vessel / container / machine that counts, it is only the information stored in it that does.

Merging infinity into the finite

Merging infinity into the finite

One of the greatest if not the greatest conundrums in life is that it is obvious that an infinite source created finite.

In other words, in order to be able to make something out of nothing and everyone agrees this world arose in the instant of G-d’s desire for it to arise and was formed into its current miraculous dimensions, one needs to cross an unbridgeable gap.

Kabbalists have been speaking about this gap from top down for thousands of years (Tzimtzumim etc. etc.) however physics and pretty much all scientific fields have discovered this gap going from down up.

In every scientific field, E, the place where man is unable to understand through logic how what he observes can happen, has been reached; there are even books on this and I personally heard this from a man who holds three doctorates and sits on the Board of Universities in Switzerland and was sent by his board to travel the world’s universities to study all the latest theories.

So scientists have reached the infinite gap going backwards, i.e. people used to think that there were finite rules, that a finite mind could comprehend; as Einstein perhaps the greatest of deterministic minds who even probed the relativity of matter said “that despite the proof of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle (a shocking revelation that matter is not predictable – subject to logical laws on one hand at fundamental reality, and yet highly predictable in observable reality,) that he would still seek a deterministic pattern which is when he is reputed to have said, “G-d doesn’t play dice with the universe.”

The critical thinking that Einstein and perhaps all others – excluding Jewish mysticism missed – is in the notion of a living G-d actually recreating reality every second.

In other words, and perhaps the best way for us to understand this is, imagine G-d as  a hard-drive which can create anything on a screen; now it just so happens to be, that the screen in this case is 3D; as such everything within the screen (a giant universe) is always continuously being recreated by the hard-drive.

In this paradigm we have the merging of two highly unpredictable realities: the first is the infinite yet with the unique potential to create an experiential reality that feels logical.

So what G-d really has done is put us to the test, in the words of Jewish mysticism, “can you allow your mind to have dominance over your experiential reality.”

Can you speak to a hard-drive you don’t feel, hear, taste, touch, and see.

To the extent that we can realize it is not what we sense that is real, but rather the opposite – what we don’t sense that is, is the extent that we can literally alter reality, for the hard-drive is always aware of our thoughts which are actually within the hard-drive.

When we learn to constantly thank G-d for the continuous flow of infinity into finite which sustain you and I, and every living thing every moment, we begin to rely on this unknowable yet obvious hard-drive which is recreating, directing and giving us the freedom of choice to deny or cherish his direction.